Do You See Me Now

Angtoria - Do You See Her Now? - Angtoria Do You See Me Now

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Angtoria - Do You See Me Now

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Hate the reflection that I see
Wish I could claw... away... my skin
Demons won't let me flee my minds tragedy
Don't label me, not a minority
Society created me
First cuts the neatest, I didn't feel a thing
Don't show me your pity
Second cuts the deepest, a release from within
Don't try to analyse me
Carve pretty pictures of hatred
Avert your eyes, my artwork doesn't lie
Refuse to acknowledge me
I'm not what you want to see
So inject and study me
Pump me with hypocrisy
Third cuts the longest, I just lost control
No doctor can save me
Fourth cuts the boldest, I've an eye for detail
Don't try to admit me
My condition has no name
It's not like I'm insane
Redirect your empathy
My body's my vengeance
I'm addicted to pain
No one understands me

Angtoria - Do You See Her Now?

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